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Welcome to Restopia Inc.

Our aim is to create a "virtuous cycle" whereby we pursue 
businesses that are truly beneficial to society, by applying 
what we have achived which in turn leads to offering 
new values and a better environment.

We utilize a hands-on approach, by which we take
a vested interest in the success of the companies and
projects we’re involved with—combined with defining
very specific role and targets for our involvement from
the outset—make us both responsible and accountable
for the outcome of any engagement we undertake.
Ultimately, we strive for a ‘true partnership’ approach,
which we strongly believe is essential to serving
our clients interests.

Our actions will prove our commitment.

William Chung
CEO & Founder



Our company is based out of New York,USA with remote location
in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong specializing in the export,
import and distribute the natural foods, beverages, commodities and natural consumer products
between Eastern and Western hemisphere.

On the other end, we act as an international sales force
for medium-and small-sized companies without the ability to
market and maintain distribution channels overseas.

Our knowledgeable team have many years of experience in the
International natural product's market.

We are a full-service trading company offering a broad range of services including:

♔ Export, Import and Distribute natural products
♔ Export consulting and market research
♔ International marketing consulting – including product branding,
♔ packaging, and labeling
♔ Manufacturer and distributor matchmaking
♔ Freight-forwarding arrangement

We are committed to providing the best possible export experience for our partners and
will not consider our obligations met until all parties are completely satisfied.



Many of potential enterpreneurs are yet to enter Western or
Eastern market due to many reasons.
We provide opportunities for such companies and in doing so,
introduce high quaility natural products to
both Western and Eastern hemisphere


Restopia Inc is a trading company with a focus on specialty natural products.

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We are very selective when choosing our suppliers and distributors.
We aim to maintain a high quality product list and require our partners
to have high standards of integrity, quality, and commitment.

If you’re a manufacturer or supplier looking to expand to Asia or
U.S. markets, please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk with us.

If you’re a distributor or retailer looking to import Asian or
U.S. products, we’d love to talk about how our high-quality natural products
could fit into your existing sales channels.

If you have any questions about the export process or would like more information
about what kind of commitment is required from your business to get started,
don’t hesitate to contact us.

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